Cloud Call Recorder


Every call, synced to the cloud in realtime!

call recorder
cloud call recorder

How it Works

Once the app is installed and a user logs in, each and every incoming and outgoing call of that account will be safely stored in the cloud. You can login from our website to access the online portal which allows you to listen to all the recordings.

Awesome Features

Stealth Mode

Once a Pin is setup the app cannot be accessed without the pin, providing security to all the recordings on the Device

Playback in Browser

You can Listen or Download the Recording from the Portal itself

Fast & Scalable

Our Cloud Server's are 99% realiable with guranteed uptime

Perfect Design

The App and the portal are both beutifully designed to be interactive and very responsive.

Filter Calls

You can filter calls according to your wish to find the exact call you want to listen to both online and on device

Playback on Device

The Recordings are also saved locally on the device and can be accessed from the app itself.

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